We have 5 years + experience in developing websites in major Open Source frameworks. We are able to provide cost-effective Open Source web design service on time as per your requirement.

Review few Open Source Web Design Platforms we deal in:

Joomla™ Website Design

Joomla is an open source – secure, manageable & versatile framework. It has thousands of extensions and a supportive community. We develop a website in the Joomla Framework at a competitive cost and provide excellent support. We also specialize in the e-commerce – online shop by using Joomla Virtue Mart.

Features of our Joomla Web Design

  • Friendly administrative interface.
  • Elegant structural and clean design.
  • W3C Validated code.
  • Content type section-category-article.
  • Supports for components.
  • Under GPL.
  • Easy maintenance.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a free and open source dynamic content management system; build on the principle of aesthetics, web standards and usability. With its enormous plug-in support and compatibility with other platforms – makes WordPress the most popular content management system not only for blogging but also for business websites. WordPress is the most search engine friendly content management system – that helps you to minimize your Digital Services efforts and maximize your online marketing return.

Features of WordPress Web Design

  • W3C compliance Coding structure to support all browsers.
  • Template engine – changing design and layout instantly without re-development.
  • Blog Engine/Website – You can use WordPress as a blog or dynamic website or both.
  • 100% Search Engine Compliance – Provide better structure and visibility and easy crawling for the search engine.
  • Plug in Support- WordPress has thousands of plug to increase its functionality and usability.
  • Easy Content Management System – from the user point of view it is the easiest content management system compare to any other content management system.